Is MBSE more than just an engineering buzzword?

13 July 2021

We spoke to Technical Manager, Luke Bagnall, and asked him to explain what MBSE is and how it can inform better decisions in the aircraft design process. MBSE is a systems engineering methodology that focuses on utilising a set of interconnected models and exploiting these as the primary means of information exchange between engineers, and within the supply chain.

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Urban Air Mobility Roundtable

Urban Air Mobility Roundtable – A Unique Technical Challenge

28 April 2021

Aviation is embarking on a new phase with the development in the form of Urban air Mobility (UAM). New emerging companies are entering the sector with radically new aircraft designs. It’s an exciting time, so we have gathered a panel of Stirling Dynamics’ technical experts to get their thoughts on the subject.

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Stuart Moffatt

In Focus: Stuart Moffatt reflects on one year at Stirling Dynamics

29 January 2021

Having reached a one-year milestone with Stirling Dynamics, we asked Principal Loads and Aeroelastics Engineer, Stuart Moffatt, to describe his first year with the company including what projects he has worked on and what a typical day is like.

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Reverse Engineering

Why is reverse engineering needed in some aircraft modification programmes?

15 December 2020

Good data is vital to an aircraft change programme but what if the original aircraft data is unavailable? In this blog post, Stirling Dynamics’ Andrew Pfeil considers the importance of reverse engineering under these circumstances and discusses his experience of reverse engineering in the field over the last 15-years.

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Remote Working

IN FOCUS: Sam Hooper discusses starting a new role during a global pandemic

30 November 2020

Getting up and running in a new job can be pretty daunting at the best of times but what’s it like starting a new role during a global pandemic? Stirling Dynamics’ newest recruit, Project Manager Sam Hooper, describes his onboarding experience and discusses the projects that he’s worked on so far.

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World Mental Health Day 2020

Mental Health at Work and Beyond

9 October 2020

Saturday the 10th October 2020 is World Mental Health Day. In this blog post, Stirling Dynamics’ Human Resources Manager, Natasha Storey, discusses how the company is supporting staff mental health and wellbeing, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Bespoke CH-53K Simulator Controls

Developing the world’s first active CH-53K simulator controls

22 September 2020

Having successfully produced several bespoke active control simulator cockpit designs ranging from the UH60, CH47 and the F-35, we were approached by our customer to create a set of replica cockpit controls for the CH-53K. Jonathan Boon, ACT Business Unit Manager at Stirling Dynamics, explains how the company responded to the challenge of developing a bespoke set of CH-53K simulator controls.

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Landing Gear Shimmy

We need to consider shimmy when designing landing gear

13 August 2020

If left unchecked, landing gear shimmy can be extremely problematic to aircraft. We asked Stirling’s Aleix Gimeno to explain the phenomenon that is landing gear shimmy and why shimmy analysis needs to be considered in the landing gear design process. 

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Virtual Farnborough 2020

How did Virtual Farnborough Measure Up?

29 July 2020

For the first time in the event’s history, the Farnborough International Airshow went digital in 2020. Stirling’s R&D Manager, Dr Simon Hancock, discusses his impressions of the virtual event, FIA Connect, and how it compared the real thing. 

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